Based in Sydney and with offices in Brisbane, Bidsonline specialises in developing auction software products for the auction industry. This page summarises these auction systems.


Bidsonline’s live bidding system or web cast auction software is integrated with our financial and operational systems for auctions. Our customers Auctioneers can catalogue and photograph items for auction right up to the moment the auction starts! Alternatively using our API interface it can be integrated with your auction system.

Last year 70,000 cars were auctioned using Bidsonline’s live bidding system.

We send daily emails to our national database of bidders listing all our customers’ auctions.

Your auction is live on the internet with only milli-seconds less than a second delay for video and audio. Your bidders can bid with either their PC or Smartphone.

Vendor says sell! A vendor using Bidsonline’s vendor reporting system can monitor your auction and send an immediate message to your auctioneer to sell or refer the bid*

No apps required: your bidders simply logon to your web site and the simulcast auction software will automatically re-size to suit their mobile, tablet or PC.

Your auctions can be setup with online bidding prior to the live event with the highest bid automatically set as the starting bid. Bidders can set their highest bid and the online auction software will bid on their behalf. The system includes an optional credit card pre-authorisation process.

The Bidsonline live bidding system was developed by programmers in Australia and it is run on servers in Australia. When you have your auction we are in the office to support you!