About Bidsonline

Bidsonline is an I.T company specialising in auction software. The business was established in 2006 and has a small team based in Sydney with an office in Brisbane. Bidsonline is a family owned auction software company. The company is completely independent and no auction company has a financial interest in the business.
We develop and support a wide range of auction software:

Carsplus – A financial and operational systems for car auctions.
EasyBids – A general auction system for plant and equipment auctions.
Simulcast bidding system: car auctions, real estate auctions, plant and equipment auctions all use our simulcast bidding system. Bidders can hear and see a live auction and bid in competition with the floor bidders.
Online auctions both ascending and reverse auctions. Our reverse auctions are mainly for produce such as fish and flowers.
Simultaneous online auctions. Mainly for livestock but also for charity auctions the simultaneous bidding system shows multiple lots on the one screen with instant bidding updates.

For more information please see our Software page

We list all our customers cars and auctions on this site to give you a national search on auction cars.  We don't sell cars!
If you are interested in setting up an online auction for your company then please ring Paul Taylor on 1300 88 2437 or 041 207 5586