Timed online auctions for farm clearances

EasyBids’timed online farm clearance auction system has all the features you need to run a successful auction. Powerful auction software for auctioneers of tractors, vehicles, stock crates, implements, machinery and farm equipment. We supply a fully branded online farm clearance auction website that can be included in your business website.

Auction Software Features

Full description

A full description and great photos give your bidders the confidence to bid and also builds trust in your online auction. There is no limit to the number of photographs and links to videos. Include PDF documents for additional information.

item detail

You set the starting bids and bid increments for each lot.

Auto bids

Bidders can enter a maximum amount which they are prepared to pay. The system automatically bids on their behalf.

Bid extension

A lot, or even the whole auction, can be extended if there is active bidding in the last few minutes. For example you can set a lot’s closing time to extend by 2 minutes if there is a bid within 2 minutes of the closing time. You can set these times in our comprehensive administration system. Results show that the final price can increase by 40% or more past the closing time.

Real time bidding

The bidding pages and the catalogue automatically keep your bidders up to date with the latest bids. Bidders can select the lots for their watch list which also shows real time bidding. Vendors love the ca-ching sound (cash register) as another bid arrives.

catalogue grid

Lot staggering

The auction can be set to close in lot number order or the lots can all close at the same time. Combining lot staggering with bid extension gives your timed online auctions the same urgency as a live auction. EasyBids features are all designed to get the best price for the vendor.

On the Market

A feature unique to EasyBids. As soon as the bid reaches reserve the lot’s image is overlayed with ‘On the Market’. Many auctioneers use this device during live auctions and they tell us that there is often more interest once bidders know the item is to be sold.

on the market

Google Search

Your catalogue is included in Google search. We include a summary description of each lot in its web address. This helps in promoting your auction. As we create a mini-web site for your auction you have full access to the Google Analytics which will show you how many visitors you had, where they came from and which lots were the most viewed.

Classified websites

All our customer’s auctions are listed on Bidsonline.com.au except those which are closed such as staff auctions. If you have an account with any of these websites EasyBids will automatically send them your listings and photographs:

  • AgTrader.com.au - (The Land)
  • Farmmachinerysales.com.au
  • Machines4U.com.au *
  • Tradefarmequipment.com.au *
*coming soon

Mobile friendly

No apps to download. Your timed online auction automatically re-sizes to suit the device your bidders use.


EasyBids is a software product of Bidsonline Pty. Ltd. All Bidsonline’s software is developed in Australia by Australians. Your auctions are hosted on our servers in our data centre in Sydney. We have offices in Sydney and Brisbane and our staff are always available to help. Your bidders can ring as direct if they have any technical problems. Bidsonline has been developing auction software for over 14 years. Many car auctions use our software with over 71,000 vehicles being sold each year using our webcast auction software.


You can see a live demonstration of EasyBids’ timed online auction at www.easybids.com.au/online The auction automatically restarts a few minutes after it closes.

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