This new release is all about increasing the net return for your vendor.


This is a new administration program that lets you manage the auction during its close.

Near Reserve

This is a new banner that will display when the lot is approaching the reserve. You can set this flag to appear when the current bid is within say, 2 or 3 increments of the reserve. You choose the number of increments below reserve to display the ‘Near Reserve’ banner.

Bid increment reduced

Just like a real auction you can reduce the increment in real time as bidders come close to their limit. If the bid increment is set to be $100 and the lot is ‘on the market’ a reduction of the increment to say $50 might entice the under-bidder to make another bid.

On the Market

You may decide to reduce the reserve, just by 1 or 2 increments if the bid is close. As auctioneers know a lot won in the auction is better than negotiating a referral after the auction.

In a recent auction of 1500 lots 151 were below reserve, but 20 of these were within 1 increment of the reserve and a further 15 within 2 increments. With one click you can set the reserve to the current bid and immediately the ‘On the Market’ banner is displayed on that lot. As many auctioneers know bidding activity increases when the bidders know the lot will be sold.


We already have three methods of closing an auction:

  1. Automatically extend a lot’s closing time if there is active bidding.
  2. Automatically extend the closing time for all lots if there is a bid on any one lot. This benefits a single vendor auction such as a farm clearance. Whilst the result for individual lots is important it is often the total value realised that is the farmer’s main objective.
  3. Close the auction when the closing time is reached. This is the original method but it benefits the bidder not the vendor!
We have now added a fourth method:

Lots only start closing when the preceding lot has closed. For example Lot 2 does not start closing until Lot 1 has closed, just like a traditional auction.


We now have a new design for the auction. This design shows only 3 lots across the page instead of the current 4 lots. This allows for larger photographs. We have also added a search facility.


We have changed the criteria for a watch list. Previously this was based on a cookie being saved to the bidder’s device. However if they changed from a pc to a smart phone they lost their watch list. We now ask a bidder to log on before adding to their watch list. All items a bidder bids on are now automatically added to their watch list. Cumulative data from the watch list now gives you access to your bidders' buying intentions.