Bidsonline Auction Systems Technology

Based in Sydney and with offices in Brisbane, Bidsonline specialises in developing software products for the auction industry. This page summarises these auction systems.

Online Auctions and Tenders

Bidsonline’s online auction system can be tailored to suit your requirements and integrated into your web site and operational systems. Standard features of the online auction system are:

  • You can set your own bid increments helping you increase prices.
  • Bidders can set their own maximum bids.
  • The bidding screen has been designed so that it is easy for a bidder to re-bid when outbid.
  • Lot closing times can be automatically extended if there is active bidding. Unlike fixed times our online auction system helps you get the best price. Our auction systems are designed to meet the interests of the vendor and auctioneer not the buyer!

Bidsonline’s online auction is integrated with our financial and operational systems for auctions. Alternatively using our API interface it can be integrated with your auction system. Some features of integration are:

  • If an item is sold whilst an auction is in progress it is automatically withdrawn and an email sent to the highest bidder.
  • A vendor can lower the reserve using our online vendor reporting system and the item is automatically flagged with ‘Reserve reduced’
  • Catalogues are automatically uploaded, any changes to item descriptions are automatically updated on the auction site.
Bidsonline Online Auctions & Tenders
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