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How to buy a car at auction

- without leaving your desk! 

Car auctions are broadcast live on the internet. This means you can bid for a car from the convenience of your desk or home.
This is not just an internet auction, it’s a live car auction. You will see a live video of the auction and hear the auctioneer calling for bids.
You will be bidding against other internet bidders and bidders on the floor of the auction.  When you bid they see it large TV screens at the auction.
Not all auctions are open to the public.

OK - so how do I join the auction ?

Follow these 3 simple steps
Ø Register for a bidder number
Ø Inspect the cars
Ø Logon and bid
Step 1: Register for a bidder number
You must first register and receive a bidder number. Once you receive a bidder number you can join the auction.
If you are successful when you pickup your car and pay for it you will be asked to verify your name address with your driver’s licence.
Your bidder number can be used for all our live auctions. When you register you are asked to accept our auction terms and conditions.

Step 2: Inspect the cars

Unless you are an car dealer we advise you to inspect the cars before bidding.

Step 3 : Login and bid

Click on the 'Simulcast' button below the catalogue. You will see a login page which will ask you to enter your bidder number,
password and accept our terms and conditions.
Members of the public who wish to bid will be asked to enter their credit card details. The system will take an authorisation for a $500 deposit.
This means we ask your credit card provider to set aside $500 which we claim if you are successful.
If you are not successful the authorisation will lapse in 3 - 4 days. Please note during this time the available credit limit on
your card is reduced by $500.
If you are the winning bidder the auction company will contact you to arrange to pickup the car and pay the balance due. 
When you pickup your car and pay for it you will be asked to verify your name address with your driver’s licence
sample bidding screen
 Sample bidding screen - just click the 'Bid' button and your bid is instantly received by the auctioneer.