Based in Sydney and with offices in Brisbane, Bidsonline specialises in developing auction software products for the auction industry. This page summarises these auction systems.

Photo bay software

Bidsonline’s photo bay software dramatically reduces the time to photograph cars, trucks, plant and equipment for auction.

The software controls up to 8 cameras and is linked to our operational and financial systems Carsplus & TPE Auctions. The process works like this:

The car is driven into the photo bay. The driver enters the stock number into the software and clicks the ‘Photograph’ button.

The software tells the cameras in each corner to take a photograph. The driver then opens the bonnet and the driver’s door, returns to the PC and clicks the button again. The software then tells the overhead camera and the camera opposite the driver’s door to take a photograph.

The software retrieves all 6 photographs from the cameras, renames them with the stock number and transfers the photographs to your auction web site.

iPhone bidding

The driver can zoom the cameras in or out from the software for small and large cars or buses.