Based in Sydney and with offices in Brisbane, Bidsonline specialises in developing auction software products for the auction industry. This page summarises these auction systems.

Online Auctions and Tenders

Bidsonline’s online auction software has been developed in Australia and is supported by an I.T. team in Australia. The online auction system can be tailored to suit your auction requirements and integrated into your web site and auction house software.

Your web site

We supply you with a link to your auction which your web site developer can include in your web site. Here is an example: Your web site auction link

No web site?  Bidsonline has developed a template auction web site which can be set up for you and hosted on Bidsonline’s cloud servers.

Style of auction

There are two styles of online auction: Listing - A catalogue listing your lots. Here is an example: (Bidsonline’s image processing software automatically adds the lot number to the image.) auction catalogue

Simultaneous - a new style developed by Bidsonline so that bidders can bid quickly on multiple lots.

Simultaneous catalogue

As soon as another bidder bids a set of graphics is displayed to warn you that you have been outbid. The latest bidding price is automatically displayed live on the page. Ideal for fast paced auctions or silent charity auctions.


Bidsonline’s online auction includes a registration page as part of the catalogue link and listing.


Bidders can login either with their email address or a bidder number. If you choose a bidder number, it is the next bidder number available from Bidsonline’s national database of 35,000 bidders.

Bid increments

When creating your auction you can set the bid increments for each lot. For example, you may want high value lots such as cars to be $250 or $10,000 for property. Bidders select the bid from a list box which helps the bid price advance towards your reserve.

On the market

When the bidding reaches your reserve the lot will show an ‘On the market’ message. This tells the bidders that the lot will sell and actually encourages more bidding.

Automatic extension of the closing time for active bidding.

Unlike some auction web sites we allow the closing time to be extended. This allows an under bidder time to bid again. It follows therefore that the owner or vendor benefits by gaining a better price. In a Bidsonline online auction you can choose the extension time; for example you can select to extend the closing time by 3 minutes if there is a bid in the last 60 seconds. This revised closing time is extended again if there is a further bid. The closing time will keep re-setting until all bidders have reached the maximum price they are prepared to pay.

SMS messages *

Outbid messages -these are ideal for a live event or silent auction at a charity. The message takes the bidder direct to the lot.

Bidder verification – when a bidder registers the system will send an SMS verification message to their mobile. This ensures you have a valid mobile number with which to follow up a winning bidder.

* You will need an account for SMS messages – we can set this up for you.

Payment methods

No money is received by Bidsonline, all money received for your auction is sent directly to your bank account or PayPal account.

If you have an internet merchant facility you can take credit card payments. You can choose a number of options:
  • Credit card verification – charges and refunds $1 to the customer’s credit card.
  • Credit card authorisation – create an authorisation for a fixed amount claimable if the customer is a winning bidder. This would usually be your normal deposit required if you are selling high value items.
  • Credit card payment of the full amount.

Google search

So that Google finds your items for auction we provide a descriptive URL for your lots. (A URL is the link to a web page.) Here’s an example of a descriptive URL


Your auction catalogue is included in our daily email to our national database of bidders.

Auction house software

Bidsonline’s online auction system, simulcast or live bidding software and online tender systems are fully integrated with Bidsonline’s auction house software: EasyBids.

Cloud service

Your online auction is hosted on Bidsonline’s cloud servers located in Australia linked to a backup data centre.