A novel way to engage your staff & members

In the past few years, we have seen a surge in interest and usage of our Timed Online Auction software to engage your employees and drive loyalty and competition within client membership programs.

For staff and member auctions, you can set up a closed auction so that only approved bidders can participate. This is ideal for membership and loyalty program auctions.

Rewards point auctions can increase engagement and commitment to your company and brand. Some companies are experimenting with rewards auctions and have found that they can be highly effective in encouraging individuals to actively participate. Even low levels of points can be used to bid for something which would normally be out of reach a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or a high-ticket item you normally wouldn't splurge on for yourself.

Want a fun and creative way to reward behavior why not try a member's auction.

In April 2022 Bidsonline were selected to work alongside Power’d Digital on their AusGP Access members program and provide an auction platform as part of their member’s program solution for the Grand Prix fans. View our user case for the AusGP Access - Grand Prix Auctions project for 2022.

Contact our team at sales@bidsonline.com.au. See how we can help you develop an auction event as part of your employee or rewards program.

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