Email Marketing Privacy

It can be unsettling for your personal information such as your personal email address to be accessible to other people or companies.

When using your own email applications such as Outlook, Gmail etc. it is easy to copy all your distribution list into “To” section. But when sending to customers and prospects it’s best not to display their email addresses to everyone in that distribution list.

Use the “BCC” (blind carbon copy) field instead of the “To”, this will protect your business associates, customers and bidders emails from displaying to the rest of your distribution list.

Want to up your email marketing game?

Try using one of the email distribution services in the market, such as MailChimp, MailerLite or Campaign Monitor. Most online email marketing services have a free trial period. They provide simple easy to use templates, simple reporting and you can track your distribution list from new subscribers to bounce-backs and customer engagement.

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