Auction Marketing

Online auctions can yield better results than some in-person events, especially when you factor in the physical limitations with the most recent lock-downs. Other limitations, such as geography, presence, time, space, and a small target audience can largely affect the results of your auction.

Success of any auction depends mostly on your ability to market and promote it!

Below are a handful of affordable and effective marketing tactics:

Email Marketing
Contemporary and consistent email campaigns can deliver results. Always be paying attention to the subject lines and content of their emails as they can effect open and opt-out rates.

Social Media
Leverage social media to expand your reach and help build your bidders email list. You can also create a Facebook public event for your auctions to drive more interest and bidder registrations.

Google Analytics Reporting
Analytics helps you to monitor user activity on your website and help predict which auction items will continue to hold interest with potential buyers come auction day.

Search Engine Optimisation
By improving keywords, you can significantly increase the numbers of visitors to auction site or particular items and lots.

Don’t forget your offline options!
Local print advertising, flyers and direct mail still work for many industries.