Reverse auctions

Bidsonline completes the web site for Australian Fish Auctions. The system uses Bidsonline's reverse auction software which has been applied to the requirements of a fish auction. Bidsonline was commissioned by Farming Together, a Government organisation, on behalf of Coffs Harbour Fishermen's Co-operative. Farming Together provided the finance for the development and the initial marketing.

Australian Fish Auctions is the first and only online seafood auctions platform in Australia. We are also the first seafood auction that allows producers to communicate their own brands. By allowing our producers to communicate who they are, we are creating greater transparency and encouraging producers to stand behind their brand. As a part of our transparency policy, we have implemented a review system, just like on eBay, where purchasers can leave ratings and reviews to help other customers.

 We run daily live ‘Dutch’ auctions, which means there is a starting price that reduces until the fish is either sold or the fishermen’s reserve is reached. In Dutch auctions, the price drops until you or another bidder clicks ‘Buy’. At the end of the auction, if there are any eskies left, the price on the clock starts again just a bit above the last buy price and the process repeats.

Most of the Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Co-operative fishermen work on smaller vessels in the waters of the Coffs Coast and return to port every day. This close proximity to the fishing grounds ensures exceptionally high quality and freshness of produce.

Our whole process puts the buyer in control. When you login to the auction platform, you can see a catalogue of the upcoming auctions. Here, you will be able to see the supplier and have the option to ‘pre-bid’. This is especially useful if you see there’s an upcoming auction from your preferred supplier! You might like to place a pre-bid to ensure you’re in the running when the auction commences.


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